Pimba ABAISA – cotton textile, kaolin, wood – 24 X 24 inch (60 X 60 cm) 2016

The Netherlands: Untold Tales
Remy Jungerman: The Space In Between

The Netherlands was one of the most belligerent European colonial empires. Driven by commerce and spread over four continents, their imperial ambitions changed the lives and cultures of millions of people from Indonesia to the Caribbean. In this series we speak to artists and arts practitioners dealing with the legacies of that empire, in the Netherlands and beyond. In this interview C& spoke with artist Remy Jungerman about African heritage, New York, and new artistic centers. 

Interview by Theresa Sigmund

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Rietveld Pavillion, Venice


Work of visual artists Remy Jungerman (1959) and Iris Kensmil (1970), brought together by Benno Tempel for a joint presentation, has been selected as the Dutch contribution to the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale, that is to take place in 2019.

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Past Highlights


2018 Metropolis M, 2 UNLIMITED – the artistic life/lives of Amsterdam, Liza Prins
ICSP talks – Brooklyn Commons: Haim Steinbach and Remy Jungerman


Staalkaart Cultureel magazine, juni-augustus, Alle textiel dat ik gebruik, staat in relatie tot de godenwereld, Hilde Van Canneyt, België
Dutch Culture USA, Remy Jungerman Residency at Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art